Solar Solutions in Ontario

Reboot Your Home. Reboot Our World.

Don’t wait until the next year. Now is the time to go solar!

Reboot Your Home. Reboot Our World.
Don’t Wait Until The Next Year. Now Is The Time To Go Solar!

Solar Chargers

Power Portable Devices Anywhere, Anytime!

Never be without power with Reboot Solar’s latest line of portable solar powered chargers. Our premium line of chargers are made to fit today’s fast-paced, mobile lifestyle and come with sleek, modern yet functional designs. Whether you’re travelling or constantly on the go, charging your device will never be a problem when you’ve got one of these trusty portable chargers with you.


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Solar Programs

Find Out Which Of Our Options Is Right For You!

With Reboot Solar, Ontario solar panels are within the reach of every homeowner regardless of budget. We offer numerous flexible and convenient options that are big on benefits and low on costs. Thinking of getting solar panels in Ontario for investment purposes? You’ll find an array of options here at Reboot Solar made to fit specific budgets and investment goals. Take a look at our solar programs today and see what more you could get from going solar.

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Ontario Solar Providers

“Going solar is quickly becoming not a matter of if, but when”.
-Reboot Solar Co-Founders

With the Canadian government actively taking measures to stop climate change, we consider it our contribution to this greater goal to provide Ontario solar panels and services in the best way possible. Our mission at Reboot Solar is to reboot traditional customer experience into an efficient and reliable service. Because it should be easy to gain back control of your energy needs and usage.

We come to work every day aspiring to be solar super heroes. Our superpowers are creating local jobs, reducing carbon footprints one panel at a time, and helping our neighbours in Ontario save money regardless of their financial situation.